Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Additions - Jerry and Karen

Well, we are, for the time being, pet owners once again. While up visiting Grandpa and Grandma Hilfiker this weekend, Josh and I decided it was time. So, we are now the proud owners of a gray and white cat that is about a year old. He is a tom cat, and is named Jerry (after the mouse on Tom and Jerry.) We also had the opportunity to go see a domesticated fawn (baby deer for any of you city folk that might be reading this (Kara Green)) named Lenny. It was born at the end of May, and sports a rhinestone collar (if you can believe that!) While we were visiting Lenny and his adoptive family, I was admiring the tame calico kitten that they had. I must have been admiring too long, because they told me I could have it! So, that would be Karen. Again, Josh's choice. She is adorable and maybe 10-12 weeks old. I will try to put a picture up once they aren't so freaked out.

We thought that Jerry was gone for good as soon as we let him out of the cat carrier. But, he came back. It is going well so far, and Josh loves the cats to death, so I hope they stick around!

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