Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Whatup, everybody? That's my sad attempt at being cool! Not much going on here in the good ol' state of Nebraska. Josh and I are waiting for Jeff to get home from Kansas (for the third week in a row!) Seems to be a habit anymore!

Josh's head seems to be doing much better. The misshapen-ness is all but gone. We have to take him back for his followup scans in August.

Jeff's work is going fine, although, it has had in him Topeka 3 out of the 5 weeks we have been here. Hope that slows up, but we are getting by!

We had our first overnight visitors last weekend. My dad and Pauline came down Sunday night and left Monday. Phil and DelRae came Monday for lunch. It was nice getting to show our family where we are living now!

Josh and I are leaving either tomorrow or Thursday to head north. We are going to Marquette, Michigan to join my family in celebrating my Aunt Gayle's marriage to Dirk. I am anxious to see Gayle, Rachel, Ross and Greg, as it has been almost 6 years (they have never met Josh!), and to meet Dirk, Jill, Luke, Brita and Greta. They are a welcome addition to the Akland clan, and we can't wait to break them in at the next holiday gathering they join us for! Not looking forward to the 13 hour car ride, but we will get through it!