Friday, February 25, 2011

Less than 1 month? I hope so!

So, I was trying to update my blog template to one that is called I (heart) Spring. The computer won't let me do it. I hope that this isn't a sign that Spring is going to continue to stay away! It is less than 1 months away... right? The weather here in Nebraska is kind of questionable... still. We had some crazy snowstorm last night. It wasn't so bad, but it still took Jeff and Josh over and hour and a half to get home from school/work. Yikes!

Things are going well here. I am still staying semi-busy with work. Jeff is staying busy as well.

Josh is doing pretty well. He had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks, and had quit eating and drinking almost entirely (a bite or two and a sip, here and there). I finally took him to the doctor last Friday, and it turns out that he is having GI issues. So, for the next month, he is on a dairy free diet. This is no fun for a little guy who loves his milk. He is also having to drink prune juice mixed with Miralax. There are many tears every morning, but things seem to be moving better, so I think we will switch out the juice that we are mixing it with. Josh is going to be getting a retainer. We start the process next Thursday with "Smurfs". I had always heard of them being called spacers, but whatever. Then March 15th he gets his retainer. We are hoping that after a couple of months, both of his top teeth will be in front of his lower teeth! They assured us that this would be achieved quite easily! We ended up going to a different orthodontist after the original one had him bite on a popsicle stick for two hours a day for 3 months. We went back in and they said two more months. Um, that is a little crazy to ask a 7-year-old to do that for almost 6 months. So, the new ortho agreed that was crazy. Retainer it is!

Our sweet (and totally crazy) girl Bella is doing good. She might beg to differ after spending months in the garage because of the cold temps. She is enjoying any time she gets outside at this point, and is looking forward to Spring, and warmer temps... aren't we all? She is turning 1 next Monday. How exciting! We haven't made any big plans for her big day yet, but hopefully we can find her a fun, indestructable toy! She had ruined everything we have given her EXCEPT her Kong. She ruins other toys made by KONG, but not the actual KONG. Hopefully the snow will melt and she can run and play all day on her birthday. Or, maybe an afternoon at doggy daycare with some friends is in order.

My dad has started his radiation therapy. He seems to be feeling okay most of the time, although he says that his stomach starts getting upset. Also, for any readers out there, my stepmom's brother Gus was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to the liver. Any prayers you can send his way, and the way of his family are greatly appreciated. He has a wife and two daughters.