Monday, February 25, 2013

What's new? 7 months, really?

To my maybe one reader (that isn't me), please forgive my lack of updating. It isn't for lack of things happening, just for lack of remembering to update my blog! The pictures (that I think are above... who knows) are from our visit with my sister, Kara, and my niece Natalya (Taly), and nephew Nikolas (Niko, Neeks, Neeky Boy). Oh, and of course, my sweet boy, Josh. You don't realize how quickly they all grow up until you get them together and realize that, it wasn't so long ago that Josh was that size! While our visit was way too short, it was great seeing my sister and the kiddos. The pictures are from the end of July. Josh and Jeff competed in the St. John's Cub Scouts Annual Feller's Cake Bake. The only people who can work on the cake (planning shopping, baking, decorating, clearning up) are the scout and their dad or another male role model Jeff and Josh won for "People's Choice" and "Best 50 Years of Scouting" themed cake. Last weekend was the Blue and Gold banquet where Josh received his plaques. He placed 7th (I think) in the Pinewood Derby and will be attending regionals on March 2nd. We visited Kara, Taly, and Niko a couple days after Christmas. The three kids weren't really cooperating in my picture taking efforts. Oh well! On the way down to visit Kara, we were able to stop in Oklahome City to visit with my cousin Tom, his wife Katie, their sweet baby Ben, and Uncle Dick and Aunt Lois. We enjoyed supper with them at Tom and Katie's house. It is so nice to be able to catch up with family! Christmas was not so great for me this year! I managed to catch a HORRIBLE sinus infection December 23rd. It pretty much knocked me on my butt for about five days. Thanks to Uncle Dick for the Z-pak! January was back to school time for Josh. Jeff got a new work pickup which we got rear-ended in about 48 hours later. We have all been suffering through many chiropractor appointments to get our back/neck/shoulders straightened out. We are doing much better. I also managed to get influenza A literally the same day. I was out of commission most of that week and coughed for three weeks. No fun! Jeff has been keeping busy with work. We have had a bunch of snow here lately. Yuck! Josh is staying busy with school and anticipating the beginning of spring soccer. He is recovering from mycoplasma right now. We are a mess I tell ya! I am busy with work and Josh. Bella is turning 3 on Thursday. We are looking forward to her outgrowing the puppy/chew on everything stage. Unfortunately, they say with labs, that can be as long as five years... great... Until August, Katie