Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, the Christmas holiday is officially over. I wish I could say it was great, but it wasn't! We all had the flu at some point! Overall it was good. Josh started us out with the flu on Saturday (12/22), Ordell, Natalya and Kara had it starting Sunday (12/23), which ended up with my dad passing out, and breaking 5 bones in his foot! Poor guy! Monday and Tuesday had Jeff and I feeling it. But, I think that all is better now. Josh and I are, however, nursing coughs.

Josh got pretty much everything that he wanted from Santa. His favorites so far seem to be the tinker toys (remember those? they were wood when I was a kid, now BRIGHTLY COLORED plastic!) and his grabber. My best gift was the earrings I got from Santa. They are white gold hoops to replace the ones I lost last year. Jeff's best gift... definitely the Wolfgang Puck pot/pan set he got. He is using them again tonight!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We made it to December! 20 more shopping days til xmas!

Hi everyone!

Hope this finds you all doing well. We have had a bunch of busy weeks. My dad and Pauline came down for Thanksgiving. It was a good time. Didn't do much, but that's okay! We took Joshie to see Santa Claus. He asked for Hot Wheels, Grabbers (the thing that old people use to grab things... has a claw on the end... you get the idea!), helicopters, and a bike. We got home, and he was really upset, because he realized that he forgot to ask Santa for "Spiderman Beauticles". If anyone knows what this is, let me know! He says it is on the top shelf at Toys 'R' Us, has Spiderman, Sand, and you shake it!

Work is going well. I am staying really busy. Looking forward to a short break at Christmas. All for now!