Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Weekend Coming Up!

We are busy preparing for Josh's First Holy Communion this weekend. We will have a housefull on Sunday afternoon. Josh is getting very excited. Honestly, I am excited for the whole thing to be over. He told me today that they are practicing for the next three days. They got to have the host (wafer) again today. We had a good Easter. It was just the three of us, and as usual, we had a very non-traditional holiday. We went to church on Saturday evening to see the new Catholics from our parish have their first communion, and confirmation. Sunday, rather than taking part in a "normal" Easter dinner, for lunch we had Buffalo wings and for supper Jeff smoked a pork butt. Good times!

Friday Jeff and I each took the day off and the three of us traveled up to Sioux City to finally get my new car. We are now the proud owners of a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. It is so different from the Honda, but I am loving it. I find myself trying to come up with reasons to drive it. I am a weirdo!

Jeff is actually here all week, and is even taking Thursday and Friday off to get the house ready for all the company. Hopefully he won't drive me crazy! Lol!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

I think that Spring started springing back in mid-February. I am happy to say that it seems to be here to stay! We actually had two days this weekend that the temperature was in the 90's. Jeff is enjoying the weather as it allows him to get the yard work done that is calling his name. He got the flower beds all spruced up just in time for Josh's upcoming First Holy Communion.

Josh is spending more time outside these days as well. Bella is enjoying his company and annoying both him and Jeff. Josh likes to ride his bike, kick his soccer ball, and bounce on the trampoline. Oh, and this weekend he broke out the sidewalk chalk. He is quite the sidewalk chalk artist! He is also enjoying the last few months of school. We got his report card for the third quarter and he had all A's and B's. We were pretty happy with his improvement, but Josh still needs to work on slowing down and double checking his work.

I am staying nice and busy with work. I like the money part of it, but I sometimes feel a little stressed when Jeff is out of town, I am busy, and I need to get Josh. So, I am very thankful for those times when Jeff is home! Unfortunately, this is not one of those weeks! Jeff is in Casper, Wyoming doing some shake ups with the employees. He seems to be enjoying the after hours part of this trip. I, on the other hand, have been very bored at night with no one to talk to! So, I am researching my new car. That's right, I am getting a new car! I have been BEGGING Jeff forever and I finally have him convinced that I can afford a new car. I don't think that when he listed the Honda on Craigslist on Sunday morning that he thought it would be sold by that afternoon. LOL! So, I am doing my best to find the car of my dreams. It has not been easy. I have it narrowed down to either a Chevy Equinox, or a GMC Terrain. Essentially the same vehichle, just a little different on the outside. My only problem is that I cannot seem to find the one I want. I want one that is white with black leather... apparently they are either very popular or they just don't make them! But, I am going to keep looking! Hopefully we can find something by Saturday, as that is the day that the Honda goes bye bye! We will see.

Josh's First Holy Communion is just a little over a week away. He is super excited. He had his First Reconciliation (confession) last Wednesday. Boy was he excited to get that out of the way! He was so proud!

Not much else to update on right now, so I suppose that I may as well sign off!