Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Josh

I have an update to our post from last Monday, Josh was injured in a roughly 8 foot fall last weekend (May 2). We took him to the ER last Sunday, and he was given a clean bill of health, and in fact the doctor and nurse couldn't even find a bump on his head where he hit it. So, imagine my surprise on Saturday night, when I was giving Josh his bath, and noticed that his head was extremely swollen/enlarged on the side he fell on.

I called the peditrician's office this morning (what a great way to be introduced to a new practice!). The doctor we had already made a well check appointment with was out today, so we saw the PA. He was quick to try to ease my fears when he said, "I think his skull is fractured." Not the words that you want to hear. Well, he explained to me, that because the mass was mushy, it was likely that it was fluid between the skull and the skin, and would likely just need to be monitored closely, but he wanted to run a CT scan to be certain, and would confer with the doctor upon her return tomorrow.

So, off to the hospital Josh and I went. Josh did very well for his CT, although he didn't hold still very well! He thought it was pretty funny! They called this afternoon, and it is in fact fractured. The radiologist found a few places that concerned him, so it was also reviewed by a neurologist, who stated that because of the nature of the injury, and the age of the injury, it was nothing to be concerned with.

We will be heading back to the doctor sometime this week to get the lump measured. We will likely be going in weekly for monitoring until it is cleared up. Until then, Josh is having to be super careful, and we have to be sure he doesn't hit his head.

Boys! What can ya do! Hope this finds you well.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Pics of house

Sunset from front porch
Master closet
Master closet
Spaceship shower
Dining room doors to deck

Mud room


Dining Room

Living Room


Open House and Last Day of School

Josh and his class. I think that they are Sophia, Sarah, Saige, Kobe, Jovan, and Olivia.

Monday, May 4, 2009

We Moved!

Well, the move is officially complete! We got our boxes and furniture delivered today. So, now the unpacking can begin! We are excited to sleep in our own beds tonight... now if we can only find our sheets! Tommy seems to be adjusting well to his new surroundings, but it has only been about 3 hours! He hasn't wandered off yet, and seems to be enjoying laying in the garage!

Josh is back with us today. He had a trip to the ER last night, as he took a fall on Saturday and hit his head. Just a "quick" visit to make sure everything was okay. It wasn't quick, but he turned out fine, and that is all that matters!

Jeff is planning on returning to work tomorrow. I think he is looking forward to it. We spent the last 5 nights in Brian and Tara's camper. Thanks for putting up with us! Josh spent the weekend with Todd and Malinda and the cousins (Allen, Allison, Brice and Brittany). They brought us our first dinner (KFC) last night. Tonight Brenda brought us some homemade beef stroganoff. We are ready for a break after the day of moving! No pictures, as I'm sure the camera cable will not be found for awhile! Soon though, I promise!