Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter is Here! Dang it!

I guess I shouldn't complain. It is after all FEBRUARY! We just had our most significant snow on Saturday. 11.5 inches in well under 24 hours. It was just crazy. The wind wasn't awful, so we didn't end up with the terrible drifts that we had the last two winters. Thankfully Jeff was home and able to get the driveway cleared before leaving for Washington State... again! This is his third week-long trip to Moses Lake, Washington since the beginning of the year. Good times.

On the work front, besides going out of town ALL. THE. TIME, Jeff was recently promoted to the position of COO at DBI. This all transpired after Erv passed away. Hopefully Jeff will take well to this new role.

I am still staying busy with my medical transcription work. It has been very interesting. I am down one client, but I am totally fine with that. With Jeff traveling a lot for work, it helps that I can get done a little earlier so that I can go pick Josh up.

Speaking of Josh... he is doing fabulously! He is enjoying school and Cub Scouts. The Pinewood Derby is coming up this Sunday. It was originally scheduled for last Saturday, but with all the snow, it was postponed. He and I recently got our library cards, so he has been reading... a lot! The past couple of days have been spent building a huge fort and throwing snow balls at Bella.

We were able three weeks ago to see our niece Hannah get baptized. Pretty neat. We are preparing for a short visit from my sister and her two kiddos, Niko and Natalya. We can't wait. They arrive on Friday early in the afternoon and leave early Saturday morning. We are going to get the kids pictures taken. So, hopefully I will stick to my word and actually post some pictures on this blog! I am just terrible about that!

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