Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I got a new phone! what's more, is that I am now able to blog from my phone. Not much new going on here. Josh is liking school. He told me that math is so much better than recess... really? I guess that is a good thing!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Too Long!

Has it really been over three months since I last updated my blog? That is crazy! What I find funny about it, is that I get annoyed when the blogs that I follow don't update every couple of days. Hypocrite. Oh well. The last time I updated, Josh had three weeks left of kindergarten. Now, he has 6 days left of summer vacation. So, here is a recap of our summer and some pictures.

May - We FINALLY got a new dog! Bella is a (now) 5-1/2 month old black lab. She is adorable and so sweet, but full of all that puppy energy that we hadn't experienced with Tommy for MANY years. So, it is very different. She is very much a hunting dog to. She loves to fetch, although she doesn't always do so well with bringing the ball back. She also caught her first bird, a dove, just last week. Gross. I think that Jeff may have to resume hunting now that we have her. We all love her to bits. She was just what we needed. Josh finished kindergarten. My dad was informed that his cancer has returned. :(

June - Josh learned to ride his bike WITHOUT training wheels. He is so proud and just loves riding around. I wish we had more pavement for him to ride around on, but he rides on the rocks and grass too. Doesn't seem like there was much more in June... there probably was. That is a reason to update more often.

July - Well, the drama of the month was me getting burned by an artillery firework. No fun. The good news was that the burn was small, and healed entirely in about 3 weeks. So, I am now rocking an even shorter hairdo than before. Josh and I went to Yankton for the Relay for Life. It was so stinking hot, but always a very moving tribute to loved ones (mom and Carolyn) who have lost their battles, and for my dad who continues to fight. It was a quick trip, as I went home the next day, but Josh stayed with Papa, Pauline, Grandma and Grandpa for about 5 days? I was so glad when he got home. I just miss the little guy so much. We were also able to go to Kansas City one weekend to see my good friend Jenny Rohret get married. We are so happy that she found Scott. Congratulations to Jenny, Scott and Miss Elizabeth. We were able to see my bff's Kara and Carrie and their families while we were down there, so it was a packed trip. We were there less than a day!

August - Not too much has happened this month. Josh goes back to school the 19th. The 18th I have a job interview at his school for a teacher's aide position. I am hopeful that it will work out, as that is what I wanted to do when we moved up here. We'll see. Fingers crossed! Jeff leaves that day for Wyoming for a couple of weeks. So, it will just be Josh and I. We are going to my dad and Pauline's that weekend because my sister, David, Natalya and Niko will be visiting from Arizona. I am so excited to see them!

Blogger is being a turd, so I will upload pics later!