Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The kitties

Well, as promised, here are some pictures of the cats. Jerry seems to like our tractor. If he isn't out roaming around the property and through the cornfield he can be found laying in the seat of the tractor, on the mower deck, or underneath the Tahoe.

Karen seems to be doing well too. I am still a little apprehensive about letting her stay outside of her cage. I think I will just have to give it a try tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Challenge/Adventure/Journey

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting every doctor under the sun. When you are a "problem child" in the medical area (such as myself!) it is a pain in the rear to move. Well, it was time. So, I got a new primary physician two weeks ago, and she referred me to my millions of new doctors. Upon doing my bloodwork, it was determined that my cholesteral is off the charts (BAD!) and my diabetes could use some work as well. In addition, I have been wanting to lose weight, but needing a nudge. Well, nudged I got! They aren't forcing me, but tomorrow, I am starting the Glycemic Index Diet. I bought the book, and some food tonight at the store (what I remembered off the cuff from reading, I've got a real list ready to go to the store tomorrow!) I am ready. The treadmill is plugged in and ready to go.

I am going to do a daily food journal, and will blog about my experience as I begin this journey. I am hoping to lose 70 pounds (YIKES!). Say a few prayers for me, (Jeff and Josh!) as I'm sure the first days and weeks of this lifestyle change will not be a pleasant one!

Here's to a healthier me!

New Additions - Jerry and Karen

Well, we are, for the time being, pet owners once again. While up visiting Grandpa and Grandma Hilfiker this weekend, Josh and I decided it was time. So, we are now the proud owners of a gray and white cat that is about a year old. He is a tom cat, and is named Jerry (after the mouse on Tom and Jerry.) We also had the opportunity to go see a domesticated fawn (baby deer for any of you city folk that might be reading this (Kara Green)) named Lenny. It was born at the end of May, and sports a rhinestone collar (if you can believe that!) While we were visiting Lenny and his adoptive family, I was admiring the tame calico kitten that they had. I must have been admiring too long, because they told me I could have it! So, that would be Karen. Again, Josh's choice. She is adorable and maybe 10-12 weeks old. I will try to put a picture up once they aren't so freaked out.

We thought that Jerry was gone for good as soon as we let him out of the cat carrier. But, he came back. It is going well so far, and Josh loves the cats to death, so I hope they stick around!

Visit from the Green Family!

We were so excited to have our KC friends Jeff and Kara Green come up to visit last weekend, along with their two girls, Avery (5) and Ellery (almost 3)! They were here for a somewhat action packed three day weekend.

They arrived Thursday night. Not much to tell there. I think that the girls really enjoyed running around the "farm", and catching fireflies. Also, Kara was perplexed by all the corn. She had no idea that the corn you see around here is for feeding animals... not humans! She also could not believe the amount of corn between here and KC. I believe that quote was, "Do we really need that much corn in the United States?" Again, it is to feed the animals that we in turn eat ourselves, so the answer is a resounding, "YES! We really do need all that corn!"

Friday we went to the Omaha Zoo. We started off at the Skyfari, the new attraction this year. It was "OK". We spent about three hours there, and while the weather was surprisingly good, we were pooped, and most of us were ready to go!

Saturday, it was off to the movies. The men took the kids to see the newest Ice Age flick, and Kara and I took in a chick flick, My Sister's Keeper. Those of you that know me, know that I cry at the drop of a hat, and at a movie about a kid with cancer, this couldn't have been a good choice. I however, did very well... three tears. Kara was a mess. That girl can do the "Oprah Ugly Cry" with the best of them (I can make fun of this, because I too have quite the "Ugly Cry"!)

After we got back to the house, it was off to Eagle Days. I think we got there at the wrong time, because there wasn't a whole lot going on. We let the kiddos play on the bouncy toys, and then it was back home to the AC!

Lots of Phase 10 was played (by Kara and me), and some Wii Tiger Woods disc golf was played by the men. All in all, a good visit!

Relay for Life 2009 - Yankton, SD

Josh and I traveled to my hometown of Yankton, SD this weekend, to take part in the annual Relay for Life. As I'm sure most of you reading this already know, I lost my mom to cancer in May of 1995. This is not where my family's fight against cancer ends. My dad is a prostrate cancer survivor. My Aunt Lois is a double survivor of Hodgkin's Disease. My Aunt Ann is a breast cancer survivor. My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor, and my mom's sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is currently undergoing treatment. My mom's best friend Carolyn died two years ago of brain cancer. And sadly, last September, my son Josh's 4 year old classmate, Sarah Macy, died of complications from Wilm's Tumor, a cancer of the kidney.

Nobody is unaffected by cancer. Everyone has lost someone to this awful disease, whether it be family or friend. I am including pictures of the luminaries that Josh and I made (most of them). We did six. Three for survivors (Papa Ordell, Aunt Linda, and Grandma Del Rae), and three in memory of our loved ones who lost the battle to this beast, but definitely earned their angel wings (albeit at a much to early age!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tommy - 02/01/2000 - 06/28/2009

For nine years, we have been blessed to call Tommy our dog. He was a faithful friend, our constant companion. It is with heavy hearts, that Sunday, June 28, 2009, we said goodbye to our best dog Tommy. We are sad that he is not here with us anymore, but we are thankful that he is no longer in any pain. We are having many conversations of our memories of Tommy, and hope that he is hopping from cloud to cloud, playing catch, and catching Frisbees up in heaven.
Please see the attached pictures of our boy. Please note that even right before we had to put him to sleep (picture on left, by himself), he still was full of smiles. We miss him terribly already.