Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday! The week seemed to drag by. I am still getting used to my CPAP machine. While I feel more rested overall, I still have to wake up to adjust, and dump water out of my tubing. I am hoping that the tips the trainer gave me today on the phone will help with that last part! I am also excited, because I ordered my new insulin pump. I am hoping to get a continuous glucose monitor, but will have to wait and see if insurance will pay for it.

Our big plans this weekend include the Johnson County Mom's of Multiples garage sale. Jeff gets all of Josh's clothes for the spring/summer season about this time every year. It is $150 or so, well spent! We usually don't have to buy him much else. Tomorrow night, Josh is going to my friend Carrie's house to play with her son Collin, while Jeff and I enjoy a night out at my co-worker/friend, AmyJo's 30th birthday party. It will be an opportunity for Jeff to meet some of my co-workers, so that will be fun. Sunday, Josh has a playdate with his BFF Jack. Should be a good time! Oh, I also need to get my niece's b-day present ready to go. She is turning one on April 9th! Pretty exciting stuff! I am including a picture of her on her horse. She almost looks like a living doll. She is adorable! Well, all for now!

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