Sunday, August 24, 2008

All The Way to Texas and Back!

Well, Josh is now a "world" traveler! Jeff is out of town on business for two weeks in Dallas, TX, so Josh and I joined him this weekend. It was Josh's first time flying, and overall, he did really well. We spent Friday with my Aunt Linda, Uncle Dan, cousin Kristin, her husband, Juan, and their daughter Carmela. It was a long day, but very fun! It was nice to see Linda's new house, and to meet Carmela.

Saturday we did some tourist things. We went to the aquarium in Dallas, and the Stockyards in Fort Worth. Then we rode out a storm so that Josh could take a dip in the hotel pool. All in all a great weekend. We can't wait for Jeff to get home. We miss him bunches!

We were greeted with wonderful weather back here in KC. Mid 80s... how do you like that Texas? It was so warm down there! Josh and I went to Ellery Green's 2nd b-day party this afternoon, and spent the evening hanging out. I will try to post pics of our trip later.

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